Uniquely situated where the river meets the sea…

Cascades is a place to rejuvenate your body, refresh your spirit, and ease your mind. An oasis in the city. Give family, employees, friends—and yourself—a break from the stresses of daily living . Relax and unwind as you slip into this peaceful sanctuary on the edge of Bedford Basin and let us take care of you for a while.

Current Promotions

MircoPen Launch Deal

We’re excited to offer the award winning Eclipse MicroPen Elite. Builds collagen for fine lines, softens wrinkles, helps with scar tissue, stretch marks and offers overall glowing skin. Pre-pay and save $50 per treatment*. (maximum 3 prepaid treatments*). Use them when when you want to!
**We’ve extended this special! Offer now expires July 31, 2018. In-store only.